Contact Info:

Phone: (425) 998-6019
Email: dana(at)
Mailing Address: PO Box 16453, Seattle, WA 98116

About the line:

Brass Sand is a jewelry line designed and assembled in Seattle featuring clean and modern styles. The line is an affordable and stylish hand created option.

Brass Sand can only be purchased online.  This helps keep prices low and styles fresh.

Brass Sand is designed using brass, genuine gemstones, pearls and crystals, and unique components and beads from around the world. 

We believe that stores deserve great service and should carry things that work for them and their customers and our liberal terms liberal and flexible.  We also know it is hard enough being an amazing small business and that is why Brass Sand is only sold wholesale - we will never compete with our stores.

From the designer:

I am a mom with two amazing kids.  My daughter self publishes magazines, my son studies music, primarily jazz.  I am married to a crazy-smart chemist.

I studied business and marketing and have worked as a jewelry designer, retail manager/buyer, and also as a jewelry sales rep. This really helps me to understand all sides of the business.

I have traveled widely and lived in a lot of great places that continue to inspire me to see beauty in the smallest things and to accept people as they are.

Brass Sand gives me both a creative and a technical outlet and also allows me to manage my time my way. My studio is in beautiful and sunnier-than-you-thought West Seattle where you can not only run along the beach surrounded by mountains but also take in great food, culture and sports (Go Hawks/Mariners!).

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any feedback or needs.  It is important to me that you enjoy carrying Brass Sand. I am happy if you are happy!