We recommend removing jewelry before swimming, showering or exercising and avoiding spraying with perfumes.

Raw brass items will darken somewhat over time.  We think this gives added character and beauty but if you prefer to keep your items bright, simply wipe with some lemon juice or diluted citric acid and rinse. You can also use a bit of Brasso on a soft cloth.  Avoid stones when polishing.  You can also store your jewelry in a zip lock bag to prevent tarnish. 

Sterling silver will tarnish and can be carefully polished with a silver polishing cloth or other product with claims to clean silver. 

All styles are nickel free.

We source a large variety of quality components from all over the world. Descriptions of components are listed on the website. Descriptions are also available for your reference on packing lists and, if requested, for your customers in the form of description stickers you can affix to carding.


We use genuine gemstones and pearls, never plastic. Gemstones are noted in inline descriptions, packing lists and description stickers.


Some styles feature quality Czech glass and Japanese Miyuki beads, most with truly beautiful finishes. There are also some styles with handblown glass globes.

Cellulose Acetate

Cellulose acetate is a natural plastic made from wood.  It is colorful and lightweight.

Ostrich Feathers

We currently have a limited edition run of some really fun and modern styles featuring dyed ostrich feathers.  Ostrich feathers naturally molt and regrow.


Sterling styles have sterling silver ear wires and pure silver plated sterling chains (this pure silver plating helps deter tarnish).

Brass earring styles have either brass ear wires or brass with steel cores for strength (the longer, modern ear wires). Hoops are brass. The endless brass hoops and posts have stainless steel posts. Chains and most metal components are brass. A few chains are plated brass.